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Open field

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Open Field Drip Irrigation Systems

POLIEXT has great experience in the production and supply of pipespipe fittings, and accessories for open field irrigation designed for each type of field crops and vegetables. Our approach is not limited to the supply of materials, but also includes services of design and customization according to the specific customer wishes and getting the best return on your inputs.

Applies fertilizers to your plant roots Product info
Minimize manual intervention Product info
Easier maintenance for any irrigation system Product info
For various watering zones in an irrigation system Product info
Drip tape fittings
For low-pressure connection of drip tapes Product info
Drip tapes
Provides the most suitable life condition of the plants by watering the root zone Product info
PE Pipes
Ideal for the most demanding application Product info
Get your orchards a good start

The most demanding part of starting a new orchard is to get water to the trees without delay.
Newly planted trees perform better with the drip irrigation method than with sprinklers. Irrigation is essential for ensuring optimum growth of newly planted orchards and for obtaining the desired fruit size.

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