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High pressure fittings

High pressure fittings
Home Products High pressure fittings

Fittings manufactured from high-quality plastic, suitable for building water supply and irrigation systems. Poliext provides the whole range of fittings and adapters for high-pressure applications, specially designed to match the performance of our valves and tubing (compression fittings, clamp saddles, threaded fittings, manifold fittings, layflat fittings, etc.)

PP Compression fittings PN16

PP compression fittings PN16 are designed especially for connection polyethylene (PE) pipes. These fittings are compatible with all PE80 and PE100 pipes, according to EN12201. Our range of compression fittings allows a fast and secure connection of polyethylene tubing for any industrial, commercial or domestic need. The nominal pressure resistance of PP fittings is up to 16-75 mm 16 bar, and up to 90-110 mm 12,5 bar.

PP Compression Fittings PN10

PP Compression fittings PN10 are specially designed for connecting polyethylene (PE) pipes. They are compatible with all pipes according to EN 12201. Available in diameter from 16 mm up to 63 mm and with a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar.

PP Clamp Saddles

PP clamp saddles are the ideal solution for branching from existing pipelines for water and irrigation applications. Maximum operating pressure is from 6 up to 12.5 bar – depending on the diameter of Clamp saddles and if Clamp saddles have or do not have the reinforcing ring.

Threaded fittings

Threaded fittings refer to pipe fittings connecting pipes by internal or external threads and their dimensions are at a maximum of 4 inches in most cases. Thread connection is the oldest way that we still use today. Some of the advantages are simple usage, easy installation, the possibility of disconnection, and convenient maintenance.

Manifold fittings

Mainly used for making Manifold connections for landscape and agricultural irrigation. Speeds up installation and simplifies maintenance of the system. Union part of Poliext Manifold fitting is fitted with a thicker O-ring to prevent leaks. Teflon is not necessary for the union sealing. The operating pressure is 10 bar.

Layflat fittings

Range of connectors for layflat hoses, variety of sizes, and types of layflat hoses available which are typically used in the agricultural irrigation sector. For connecting a steel clamp is required. Our layflat hose connectors are durable and provide high quality without leaks and spillages during transference.

Aluminium fittings

Used for connecting fire-fighting hoses of different diameters, to fire fittings, and to fire water sources. There are no corners or edges on the surface of the terminal that could cause an accident and cause injury. Can be connected with DIN standard terminals. MATERIAL: Alloy cast aluminum

PP Compression fittings PN16 (SKALA)

PP Compression fittings PN16 (Skala) are specially designed to connect polyethylene (PE) pipes of 16-63 mm diameter. These fittings are compatible with polyethylene pipes, according to MSZ EN 12201.
Suitable for transporting water to operating pressure of 16 bar. Operating temperature according to ISO 13761.

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