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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions
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The general terms of sale hereby stated apply to all orders received by the Seller after the issue of this price list and will be considered as accepted in full upon placement of the order by the CUSTOMER.

• Prices are Ex-Works (INCOTERMS: EXW) and include standard packing costs.
• Special packing if requested upon placement of the order and accepted by the Seller will be charged extra.
• Prices are subject to variation without any prior notice.
• Minimum order value is 500 EUR in case of export. Any order placed under the given value 15 EUR management fee is charged.
• Our sales prices are fixed in EUR, but if the CUSTOMER requests HUF price can be used based on the daily exchange rate of the Hungarian National Bank published on the date when the invoice was created.

• Orders must be placed electronically or in writing according to codes and descriptions as per the price list.
• Quantities must be adjusted to standard packing.
• Orders can be dispatched in successive stages.
• The CUSTOMER does not have the right to cancel entirely or partially the order.

The Seller reserves the right to make alterations that are considered necessary for the best operation of products as referred to in a pricelist without adversely affecting the use and initial function. This does not constitute reason for the CUSTOMER to withdraw orders or to claim compensations or reimbursements of any kind.

• Products are sold Ex-Works (INCOTERMS: EXW).
• If means of transport are not clearly indicated by the CUSTOMER, delivery will be carried out in a cost-saving way and according to the best knowledge, as much as possible.
• Products are transported at the CUSTOMER's own risk BECAUSE the products are sold EXW.
• Insurance is provided only if requested and is charged to the

• The Seller does not have any responsibility for damages incurred during transport.
• The CUSTOMER is obligated to inform immediately the freight company upon receipt of products for shortages or damages of the goods and to state if such has occurred on the bill of delivery.
• The Seller reserves the right to suspend the delivery of products if at any time receives information that the CUSTOMER is in a financial position that would create any doubt as to his solvency or the CUSTOMER has delayed payments from the previous supply of products.
• The CUSTOMER informed in writing about any suspension the Seller makes in case of delivery.

• The Seller, who undertakes the warranty in order to fulfill the contract, or has legal duty to provide a warranty, is obligated to take responsibility for incorrect fulfillment, during the warranty period, based on the warranty statement or the terms of the law. The Seller is exempt from warranty if proved that the cause of fault aroused after fulfillment.
• The warranty claim can be validated during the warranty period. In case if the Seller does not fulfill the warranty obligation – on time - despite the CUSTOMER notice, the Warranty Claim can be endorsed in the court of law for 3 months past the warranty period. The omission of the warranty term results in forfeitures of its right.
• In case of incorrect fulfillment based on the edict of 151/2003. (IX.) for each durable consumer goods, the Seller is obligated to warranty, if the CUSTOMER is qualified as a consumer according to Civil Code. The obligated warranty is valid for the goods listed in the attachment of the above-mentioned edict.
• Based on the edict 45/2014. (II.26.) about the detailed norms of contracts between the consumer / CUSTOMER and Companies, the warranty period is divided according to the value:

o If the selling price is between 10.000 HUF and 100.000 HUF, the warranty period is 1 year.
o If the selling price is between 100.000 HUF and 250.000 HUF, the warranty period is 2 years.
 o If the selling price is above 250.000 HUF, the warranty period is 3  years.
• The rules of edict 45/2014 (II.26.) should be used for contracts between the consumer/ CUSTOMER and the Seller.
• For the goods turned over by us, we undertake a 1-year warranty based on Hungarian law, except all the Pedrollo pumps, which warranty is indicated by the producer.
• The warranty lost its validity in case if the CUSTOMER did not use the product as intended.

• All claims must be submitted electronically or in writing within 7 days from receipt of products or defects discovered.
• No claim will be accepted for goods that have not been paid.

• Claims for return of merchandise should be made within 7 days from the delivery date.
• No returns will be accepted without any prior notice electronically or in writing, and above all firstly approved by the Seller.
• Returned merchandise should be perfectly packed and freight prepared.
• Returns of special orders with special characteristics are not accepted.
• Credit notes issued shall be deducted from the following invoices.

Delivered products remain the Seller’s property until they are fully paid.

• In no case as well as for no reason, the CUSTOMER cannot postpone payment beyond the agreed terms of payment according to the relevant issued invoices.
• In case of delayed payment, the legal current interest rate will be charged as defined in Civil Code.

• The Seller/ service body intends to settle disputes by peaceful negotiation procedure based on the signed contract. If the Seller/ service body and the CUSTOMER failed to negotiate peacefully, and still have legal disputes or to any future disputes arising out of a particular legal relationship - based on transaction value - Kecskeméti District Court will have jurisdiction of the district court for any disputes and Kecskeméti Court of Justice exclusive jurisdiction of the general court for all disputes.
• The jurisdiction stipulated by the parties does not affect the right of the CUSTOMER who is consumers according to the Civil Code, in case of claims arising out of a contractual relationship with the Seller/ service body, the CUSTOMER/ consumer has the right to settle disputes to the competent court of the CUSTOMER’S residence or commorancy.
• In case of any issue arise regarding the text of General Terms of Sale because of the understanding of Hungarian and English versions, always Hungarian version is the standard to be used.
• Legal relationship is according to Hungarian Law.

• These conditions are to be considered valid and applicable and accepted by the CUSTOMER.
• This pricelist is subject to change without prior notice and fully replaces all previous versions.

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