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Customized solutions based on your demands

We offer solutions in the field of WATER SUPPLY, AGRICULTURE (open field, tree crops, and protected crops irrigation), LANDSCAPE, and TURF IRRIGATION (pop-up and SDI subsurface drip irrigation) & TELECOMMUNICATION. Providing sufficient water of appropriate quality and quantity has been one of the most important issues throughout history.

From year to year the challenge to meet user demands grow. One of the most difficult things is managing the costs and achieving the best return on investment, no matter if you grow vegetables or row crops.

Product you can trust - NEW & REDESIGNED

PP Compression fittings PN10 are specially designed for connecting polyethylene (PE) pipes. IMPROVEMENTS: Additional safety, Easier connection, Anti-twist protection, Much stronger and smoother design for easy handling.

Poliext Kft.

Our history begins in 1919, with the foundation of the Skala family's first private business. The founder of the company was MR. MIHALY SKALA. The first vocation of the family was painting carriages for the Royal Courts and, following technological progress, car painting, and repairing. Generation after generation continued to develop and improve the family tradition and business activity, which changed to the plastic industry in 1980.   At beginning of the ’90s, in Ex-Yugoslavia national conflict has started. To avoid that chaos, MR. ZOLTAN SKALA decided to leave Yugoslavia, and in the year 1991 has established the company Poliext Csövek Kft. in Hungary. When established, the production started on a 1300m² area, with 3 extruder machines and eight employees.

Save water for a green future