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Equipment, Tools & Accessories

Equipment, Tools & Accessories
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Without proper tools and equipment irrigation system would not function properly.Poliext offers a range of SPECIALIZED IRRIGATION TOOLS, equipment, and accessories to help you do the job right.Our products will support you to INSTALL, MAINTAIN and REPAIR irrigation system a whole lot easier.


Different equipment is available depending on the kind of system and the type of installation. Often, installations have a similar structure, so most additional irrigation requirements can be solved with a relatively small range of equipment – ground hooks, supporting hooks, support zip-tie, silicon wire connection, PVC tying string, marking table, rubber sealing rings, etc.

Tools and Accessories

The necessary parts and accessories to enhance irrigation system installation for home irrigation systems or commercial settings are also available. Range of convenient tools and auxiliary items for irrigation systems that save time and make jobs easier.

Polyduct shafts and tanks

A professional drinking water network and wastewater treatment system includes the collection, drainage, treatment, and treatment of drinking water and wastewater. Our company offers solutions for all this, regardless of whether the system supplies individual households, residential communities, industrial facilities and settlements.

Al-Magor Professional Tools

The range of products provides solutions for every hole and pipe size, holes from 2 mm to 33 mm, and for all pipe sizes. The tools suit all types of irrigation pipes, PE, PVC, and LAYFLAT. Alongside the standard product line, Al-Magor has developed dedicated tools compatible with various accessories of its customers over the years.

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