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Garden & Landscape Irrigation

Home Solutions Garden & Landscape Irrigation

Cost-effective irrigation solutions for healthy landscapes

Designing, installing, and maintaining irrigation systems

The professionally installed system provides stress-free lawn care. Our irrigation solutions never forget to water, providing plants, grass, flowers, and lawns the right amount of irrigation necessary for healthy growth, using advanced timers and sensors.

We offer a whole range of quality and reliable products to keep the turf in top condition for years, ideal for commercial buildings, sports fields, or home gardens. Expert planning and proper maintenance of the irrigation system are crucial to ensure the uniform application of water in turf areas.


A well-maintained landscape not only adds great value to your property but also:

  • ► Reduce water waste
  • ► Visually appealing, do not disrupt the beautiful look of the home garden
  • ► Lower your expenses
  • ► Even and regular water spread
  • ► Stress-free lawn care
  • ► No waterlogging or overwatering

We understand the importance of reducing water waste, saving expenses and time.

Poliext landscape and garden irrigation solutions include:
  1. Full range of products to keep the turf in top condition for commercial buildings, sports fields, or home gardens
  2. Expert planning and proper maintenance of the irrigation system is crucial to ensure uniform application of water in turf areas.


Water-saving options built to fit any landscape irrigation system Product info
Prevent watering during wind, rain, and freezing weather Product info
Easier maintenance for any irrigation system Product info
For various watering zones in an irrigation system Product info
Valve box
Creates a safe and secure environment for the components of an irrigation system Product info
PE Pipes
Ideal for the most demanding application Product info
Connection fittings
Connect a wide range of pipes and irrigation lines with varying wall thicknesses Product info
Clamp saddles
Ideal solution for branching from existing pipelines for water and irrigation applications Product info
Pop-up sprinklers
For watering turf areas, flowers, and low vegetation Product info
Get your project a good start

The most demanding part of starting a new orchard is to get water to the trees without delay.
Newly planted trees perform better with the drip irrigation method than with sprinklers. Irrigation is essential for ensuring optimum growth of newly planted orchards and for obtaining the desired fruit size.

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