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Garden & Landscape

Garden & Landscape
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Garden & Landscape irrigation is a watering system that is used in residential and commercial landscaping. The primary function of a garden and landscape irrigation system is to ensure that water is spread regularly and evenly throughout any given landscape.

Valve boxes

The Valve box is specifically designed to create a safe and secure environment for the valves, fittings, wires, and manifolds, in other words, the components of an irrigation system. It protects against vandalism, the elements, and damage due to mowers, string trimmers.

Grass saver raster

Grass save Raster is a plastic covering element that can be connected to each other. Modern, stable floor grids for those who are looking for an alternative to concrete or asphalt for their property or public areas. This is a particularly individual form of floor fastening that is used in many different everyday applications - Parking spaces, Logistics & Storage space, Erosion control, Driveways & Paths, Home & Garden, Forest & Agriculture and Equestrian sports.

Green walls

Prefabricated panels with pots for forming amazing green walls. By simply setting the sets from our offer, with a little creativity, you can easily have a unique look on your walls. We offer a larger and smaller set of amazing GREEN WALLS. • Minimal effort of placing and removing pots • Simple maintenance - irrigation from the top is completely satisfying • Beautiful visual experience

Heliflex - home garden

To make your garden flowers happy give them water with pipes and hoses from Heliflex. Heliflex, when your house and garden are our concern!

Eco Grass Grid

The Eco Grass Grid can be filled with soil and grassed as the cell structure and open base promotes unrestricted root growth. The Eco Grass Grid can also be filled with gravel providing a high-quality decorative look.

The cell structure retains the gravel and prevents loss or gravel displacements. Perfect for laying strengthened new lawns, just interlock the grids, fill with soil and sow the seeds.

Save water for a green future