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Home Products Filtration

Water filtration is crucial to almost every irrigation system, both agricultural and landscape irrigation. Appropriate filtration can help extend the lifetime and makes maintenance easier for any irrigation system. For drip or micro-sprinkler emitters, filtration is an essential requirement to avoid clogging.

Screen filters

A screen filter is used for water filtration using a screen to separate sand and other fine particles out of water during irrigation. They have high-quality resistance to the most common chemicals. Constructed of UV - resistant and durable plastic material withstands the most adverse circumstances. The screen filter cartridge can easily be removed from the filter to be cleaned, which makes maintenance more manageable.

Disc filters

The main application of the Disc filter is fine water filtration in irrigation systems. Some of the advantages of Disc filters are three-dimensional filtration - therefore the interval between cleaning is longer, resistant to common agricultural chemical fertilizers and flushing agents used in the system. Disc filters can partially separate algae developed in the irrigation system.


Also known as sand separators, the main use of centrifugal filters is the removal of particles such as sand, and other solids from the irrigation water, in other words, it prevents sand from entering the irrigation system. Using hydrocyclones, parts of dirt with a high specific gravity can be filtered out quite effectively. The liquid is admitted tangentially, which results in a centrifugal flow forcing the dirt parts towards the outer side of the filter.

Metal Filters

Obstruction of sprinklers and drippers is one of the most significant problems encountered in irrigation systems. Filtration is the best protection method against avoiding entrance/obstruction of a dripper, sprinkler, hydrant, and other similar equipment used in the irrigation system by sediments. 

Therefore, filtration is the most significant control unit of an irrigation system.

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