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High pressure valves

High pressure valves
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High-Pressure valves used for compression or/and threaded connection which corresponds to the requirements of a water supply system (potable water and irrigation) and pressures typical in these applications. High-Pressure valves are available in various tubing sizes and body designs to satisfy widely varied requirements.

PP Compression valves PN10

Ball valve connects with the “compression joint method” from compression fittings to reduce the number of connections, combining reliable operation with easy assembling. These valves are valid to be used to conduct water and nutrition fluids. PP Compression ball valves are available in diameter from 20 up to 63 mm. The operating pressure is 10 bar at 20°C (water) engraved on the product.

PP STOP valve

Plastic (Polypropylene - PP) valve connects with the “compression joint method” on both valve sides, with a maximum operating pressure of 16 bar. It is produced from high-quality UV-resistant raw material. Characterized by easy assembling, which speeds up the installation. It has a wide range of applications, used in potable-water systems and irrigation systems, both agricultural and landscape irrigation. Typical advantages of the plastic body are providing resistance against mechanical stress, corrosion, and limescale deposition.

Ball valves

A ball valve is a mechanical device that directs, guides, and modulates water flow by opening or closing a ball that is open in the middle of the valve. Turning the handle on the ball valve, it manually opens/closes the port which controls the pressure of the water flow. Durability and perfect closure are what make the ball valve more favorable compared to other types of valves.

Garden valve

The body is molded from high-impact strength plastic (PP). It is UV, and low-temperature resistant. The inside ball and stem are made of brass. The Garden valve is available with a lever handle or a butterfly handle; the measures of the male thread connection are 1/2", 3/4", and 1”. On outlet can be connected metal adaptor or garden quick-release.

Pressure regulator

Pressure regulators reduce incoming water pressure to set usable pressure for the drip system. The pressure regulator is used when the incoming pressure is too high for the emitters or fittings. The flow rate of the regulator should be matched with the system. Pressure regulation does not take effect until the minimum specified flow passes through the regulator.

Check valves

Suitable for domestic water services, heating, air-conditioning, and compressed air systems. They can be installed in any position (vertical, horizontal, oblique). The body is made from brass, the plate from a polymer or stainless steel, the seal is NBR, the spring is stainless steel. There are two types to offer, York (Plate made from polymer) and Europe (Plate made from stainless steel).

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