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Drip pipe fittings

Drip pipe fittings
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A wide range of drip pipe fittings simplifies the installation of an irrigation system. The main advantages are the safety of connections along with easy assembly and reassembly without any tool or additional clamp.

Lock Type Fittings

These fittings are is recommended for agricultural and landscape irrigation. Redesigned cap makes it fit with the thin-wall pipes and drip tape. Ensures minimum pressure loss in the system parts where it is installed. The operating pressure is 6 bar. Simple solution provided by wide product range.

Quick Joints

Safe and fast way of connecting drip irrigation setup using fix grip ring. Quick joint fittings ensure additional protection even on uneven ground. They are specifically used for low-pressure connections. The maximum working pressure is 6 bar. A wide range of quick joints is available. From now on, besides 16 mm, a diameter of 20 mm is also available.

Barbed fittings

Barbed fittings are made from black POM (polyacetal) raw material to reach a sharp barb lip which makes a secure connection that is less likely to leak and slip out. Easy twist-in insertion. No need for glue or clamps for installation. A wide range of shapes and sizes allow you to choose the most suitable product for your application.

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