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Installation of Turn-key irrigation system

Installation of Turn-key irrigation system
Home Projects Our projects Installation of Turn-key irrigation system
Project details:
  • Country: Serbia
  • Crops: Pears, plums, and quince.
  • Irrigation Type: drip irrigation
  • Size (ha): 13
Project summary:

Agrolipar doo is the company that produces and exports a premium class of schnapps. They grow Rosaceae family fruits and were looking to install an irrigation system that will ensure the stability of the yield and reduce the risk of crop exposure to stressful situations. The area planned for irrigation system installation is in good condition. The soil is of excellent quality and suitable for growing all fruit types. It is projected to build a 6500 m3 reservoir which will be supplied from existing wells.

The goal:
  • to achieve stability of the yield
  • to reduce the risk of crop exposure to stressful situations
  • installation of an irrigation system that is easy to upgrade and expand
  • Independence in different irrigation and fertilization programs for each tree crop type
  • remote control
Project solution:

Turn-key system irrigation solution includes:

  • Design of the hydraulic map
  • Installation of the pump and filter station
  • Installation of the command unit for irrigation system control and fertigation
  • Installation of the group of control valves in the yield
  • Installation of PE pipes for the main and sub-main pipeline
  • Installation of the laterals

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