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Tree crops

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Increase the yield and quality of crops

Irrigation system for Tree Crops

The drip irrigation system is the most efficient way to irrigate your tree crops and orchards. Water drips slowly to the plant roots saving water and nutrients. A drip line system also helps conserve water, which is more of a consideration in areas where water supplies might be limited.


Why drip irrigation?

- Drip irrigation enables the accurate application of water to plant roots.

- With a drip system, plants do not subject to wet and dry cycles, which can occur with other irrigation methods.

- Drip irrigation increases growth and production potential in dry areas and during periods of inadequate rainfall.

- Significantly reduces water required for irrigation and simplifies weed control.

- The irrigation system can be controlled automatically, maintaining optimal soil moisture with minimum labor.

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Get your orchards a good start

The most demanding part of starting a new orchard is to get water to the trees without delay.
Newly planted trees perform better with the drip irrigation method than with sprinklers. Irrigation is essential for ensuring optimum growth of newly planted orchards and for obtaining the desired fruit size.

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