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Wide range of our products used by contractors through installation process. Actual picture shows a tram area including 6000 m2 of our GRASS SAVER RASTER product in Belgrade.

GRASS SAVER RASTER: reinforced ground cover which is at the same time makes possible to implement GREEN AREAS.

  • Durable, environmentally friendly and can be easily maintained
  • Made from fully recycled plastics
  • UV resistant and withstand to extreme weather
  • Easy to install, does not require special tools
  • Prevents the grass from atrophy, protects the lands
  • Load capacity of 150 t /m2 when charged
  • Present several design possibilities also in form and size
  • Available Construction Certificate
  • Product: Grass saver Raster
  • Area: 6000 m2
  • Location: Belgrade, Serbia
  • Contractor: Skala Garden d.o.o.
Save water for a green future